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ATI Catalyst™ Linux Installer Note



Select the driver components to be installed and click Continue. The ATI Pro-
prietary Linux Driver is installed, and the Installation Complete Dialog box 
will be displayed.


Exit to close the driver installer.


Launch the Terminal Application/Window and run:

For versions of X.Org newer than 7, /usr/bin/aticonfig --initial to config-
ure the driver for your ATI product.

For versions of X.Org older than 7, /usr/X11R6/bin/aticonfig --initial to 
configure the driver for your ATI product.


Reboot your system.

You have successfully installed the ATI Proprietary Linux Driver.

Generate Distribution Specific Driver Package Option

The Generate Distribution Specific Driver Package option provides a simple 
way to generate a package specific for your distribution. This option uses the pol-
icies set by the operating system vendor and allows for maximum compatibility 
with the distribution. To install the ATI Proprietary Linux Driver using the Gener-
ate Distribution Specific Driver Package
 option, follow these steps:

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