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                                             ATI Proprietary Linux Release Notes                                                 












AMD Proprietary Linux 
Release Notes 



This release note provides information on the latest posting of AMD’s Proprietary Linux 
driver. This particular driver updates the software version to 8.593. 
The AMD Linux release notes provide information on the following:



Web Content 

ATI Workstation Product Support 

ATI Mobility™ and Integrated Mobility™ Product Family Support 

ATI Desktop Product Family Support 

ATI Integrated Product Family Support 

Operating Systems Distributions Supported 

System Requirements 

New Features 

Resolved Issues 

Known Issues 

Installing the AMD Proprietary Linux Software Driver 

Driver Update Notification 

Linux Feedback Program 


Web Content


The ATI Catalyst™ Linux Graphics Driver software suite is available through an installer 



Note: Refer to the minimum system requirements listed below to 
ensure you have downloaded the correct driver package for your 

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