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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 User Manual

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Customizing Lifestyle Home Layout

You can fully customize the three pages of the Lifestyle layout in a user-

friendly manner using widgets, drag-and-drop, and gestures. 

Start by adding widgets to the selected page using the 


widget button in the main menu then select the item you want to 
add to the Home screen. Add a clock, Twitter widget, Facebook 
widgets, music player, a picture frame (with slideshow support), the 

Google Search bar, or a calendar that shows upcoming 
appointments, etc...

After adding a widget to the page, move it to the preferred location
and then tap

to apply the new changes. Tap and hold on a

widget to view the available options.

To remove a Home screen item, select Edit Layout option to 

activate Move mode then tap and hold the item on the screen you 
want to remove and drag the item to the remove tab. When the 
remove tab turns red, release it. Tap 

to apply the new changes.

You can add an Email widget for a specific Email account (e. g. Gmail) on the 
Lifestyle Home screen. When adding widgets choose Email and select the 

desired account.
To enable the 3D Email viewer, tap and hold the Email widget to view the Default Action option, tap it and select 
Open 3D viewer.

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