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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 User Manual

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Launcher Tab

The Launcher tab adds a fast and convenient way to navigate through your 
device. All of the pages are kinetic scrolling supported. Launcher tab have

two main pages: Launcher and SPB Menu. The Launcher shows you the 
Pinned shortcuts, recently used programs, and finger friendly task manager.
SPB Menu contains all of your device programs, settings, and tools well-
organized in categories.
Use the left/right gesture to switch between Launcher main pages.
At the bottom of the Launcher pages, there is a toolbar that allows you to 
return to the Home tab and access the Menu button to view the available 

options of the selected page.
You can quickly access the Launcher from any application. To do that, go to 
Settings > SPB Mobile Shell > System and set the Override "Start" option to 

Yes. Now the Start menu button in the top left corner will show the Launcher 
instead of the standard Start menu. You can also access the standard Start 
menu when the Launcher page is already open.

Customizing the Launcher Tab

Launcher allows you to add quick shortcuts of your favorite programs and tools
for one-tap access. Quick tools such as Task Manager, Wireless Manager, Adjust Backlight, Rotate Screen and Lock 
Device, and a few program shortcuts are added by default. They can be replaced with your preferred tools and 


To start customizing your favorite applications and tools, tap 

from the menu.


to select an application to be added.


to remove an application.


when finished to apply the new changes.

Launcher View Modes

The Launcher page has two view modes, Simple or Advanced. Tap 


the menu button to switch between the Launcher views. In both modes your 
favorite applications and tools will be placed at the top of the page followed 
by the recently used applications.

Customizing My Shortcuts in SPB Menu

To start customizing your favorite applications and tools shortcuts in My 
Shortcuts menu follow these steps:

Open My Shortcuts folder and tap 

to view the available options.

You can add a file or program to the folder using the corresponding 


and select an item to be removed.

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