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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 User Manual

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when finished to apply the new changes.

To add a shortcut to a file (e. g. on a storage card) on the Launcher or Home tab, Go to SPB Menu > My Shortcuts 
and choose Add File from the menu. After that you can add a shortcut to the new menu item as a widget to the 
Home tab or as a favorite program to the launcher.

Contacts Tab

The Contacts tab helps you to manage your contacts and calls using many 
useful features such as call history, photo speed dial, smart contact search, 
Facebook integration, drag-and-drop to edit your favorite layout, kinetic 

scrolling, easy assigning and cropping of contact picture, set a unique 
ringtone for each of your favorite contacts, and more.

Use the left/right gesture to switch between Contacts main pages. 

To open the available options for a contact (for example, contact or  

shortcut), simply tap and hold the item

At the bottom of the Contacts pages, there is a toolbar that allows 

you to return to the Home tab and access the Menu button to view 
the available options of the selected page.

Contacts tab have three pages: Favorite Contacts, Call Log, and SPB Contacts.

Favorite Contacts

On the middle page of the Contacts tab, you can add your favorite contacts. 

If you make calls or send messages to certain people frequently, you can add 
them as favorite contacts for quicker access. Select a contact to access the 
contact page and make a phone call or send messages. The program allows 
you to get the contact's picture in several ways: choose an image file, make a 

photo with your built-in camera, or even select a photo from this person's 
Facebook profile. Crop the picture for better display.



to add a contact to the Favorite Contacts (applies 

only to entries stored in Contacts on your device).


to allow editing of the added contacts. Tap a contact, when 

in the editing mode, to view the available options. Tap-and-hold to 
move a contact to other location on the page.


when finished to apply the new changes.

All your favorite contacts can also be represented with a finger-

friendly 3D carousel. Tap 

to open the carousel view and set a 

custom ringtone or change picture of the selected contact.


to sign in your Facebook account in order to download a 

contact Facebook picture.

Tap the photo, name, or number of the contact whom you want to 


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