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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 User Manual

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The contact card of your selected contact is then displayed. Tap the 

menu button to view the available customizing options. 

When you add a favorite contact and there is no photo associated to that 

contact, the contact’s first name (or last name) will be displayed.
Call Log
SPB Mobile Shell adds photos to the standard call log. This feature 
significantly improves the call log usability. To make a call from the call log, 

finger-scroll to the desired contact or phone number, tap to open the 
contact card. 
SPB Contacts Search
When you start entering a phone number or contact name, SPB Contacts will 

automatically search and sort the contact entries that match the sequence 
you have entered. You can then select the desired number or contact from 
the filtered list to dial. To find a contact name you can enter the first letter of 

a contact’s first name or surname. SPB Contacts will search for the letter 
starting from the first character of a contact name as well as from the 
character that appears after a space, dash, or underscore in a contact name. 
For example, if you tap number “5” which is associated with [j, k, l], contact 

names such as the following will be considered matches: Sue Jackson, 
Armstrong Jason, Julia, Lisa, Kim. If the matching list is long and you want to narrow down the search further, enter 
another letter. Each time you tap on 

you will go back to the previous

search screen.


to view the available options:

You can show or hide contacts stored on your SIM card so you won’t 
have duplicated contacts.

You can use Filter based on contact category to organize your 

contacts list.

SPB Mobile Shell Tools

The following are very useful tools that come with SPB Mobile Shell.
Task Manager: Use the task manager tool to manage your active programs 

list. You can activate or close any listed program. From the Menu you can 
close all active programs.
Wireless Manager: The wireless manager allows you to quickly turn on or off 
your device wireless connections such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Phone, and Flight 

Theme: Tap and select a color to change the color of key user interface 
elements (including Today) without changing the Today theme.
Device Lock: You can lock your device using a hardware key, soft key on the Today screen or a shortcut. You also 
can unlock the device using only soft keys.
Phone Profiles: This tool allows you to select one of three basic phone profiles Normal, Vibrate, and Silent.

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