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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 User Manual

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SPB Mobile Shell provides a customizable user interface and behavior. You can customize such things as the 
Agenda View, Weather, System, Animation, Calendar Widgets, and more. To access the configuration utility, go to 

SPB Menu Settings and tap the SPB Mobile Shell options icon


Customize the general system options.

Override “Start”: Enable this option to open the Launcher tab each

time you tap the Start menu.

Language: Choose SPB Mobile Shell localization. You will need to 

soft reset the device to apply the new changes. 

Force feedback: Enable, if you would like to receive feedback on tap

and hold.

Tap and hold support: Enable or disable the tap and hold 


Home Screen

Customize the Home screens options.

Enabled Layouts: Select between Lifestyle and professional as your

Home layout or use both.

Page count in Professional layout: Here you can extend the 

Professional layout to up to 5 pages.

Page count in Lifestyle layout: Here you can extend the Lifestyle 

layout to up to 5 pages.

“Launcher” button opens: Select which one to open (Favorite or SPB Menu) when tapping the Launcher 

button. You can also select Remember last used option to view whatever was last used.

“Contacts” button opens: Select which one of the contacts screen to open when tapping the Contacts 



You are able to change the main tab’s animation. These animated transitions give you excellent visual cue to help 
you understand where you are, where you have come from, where you are going, and to keep you oriented.

Animate transitions: Enable or disable the animated transitions of SPB Mobile Shell panels.

Tab animation on gestures: Select the desired animated transition effect that you want to apply when 

using gestures.

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