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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 User Manual

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Agenda View

Customize the Agenda display behavior.

Show all day events: Enable to display events such as birthdays and anniversaries on the calendar. 

Show “free” appointments: Enable to display appointments with Free status on the calendar.

Show weekends: Enable to display weekends days on the calendar.

Weeks to show in agenda: Select how many weeks you would like to see in the Agenda view.

Weeks to show in calendar: Select how many weeks you would like to see in the calendar view.

Show weather: Enable to see the available weather forecast icon next to each day.


Select your usual temperature measurement unit and adjust the forecast 
update behavior. 

Update weather forecasts automatically: Select your preferred 

update behavior.

Temperature scale: Select your local temperature measurement 


Wind speed scale: Select your local wind speed measurement unit.

Atmospheric pressure scale: Select your local atmospheric pressure 

measurement unit.

SPB Mobile Shell doesn't provide the weather forecast. The forecast is 
downloaded from a third-party provider. If you have SPB Weather installed,
then you can use SPB Weather forecast instead of the default one. SPB 
Weather allows you to change the forecast provider to get a specific location 

that's not included in the SPB Mobile Shell cities database.

Backup your Settings

You can make a backed-up copy of SPB Mobile Shell settings to be restored in 

case of data loss. From SPB Mobile Shell options, tap the Menu button and select Backup Settings option. Fill-in 
the requested fields and tap Save.

Exiting from SPB Mobile Shell

You can close SPB Mobile Shell UI and go to the Today screen at any time. To do that, open SPB Mobile Shell 

options > tap the Menu button and select Exit Shell. To get back to the Mobile Shell UI, tap SPB Home right softkey 
button in Today screen.

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