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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 User Manual

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SPB Mobile Shell introduces the next generation of a user interface while keeping all the advantages of a Windows 
Mobile device. SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 brings the perfect usability balance to Windows Mobile touch screen devices. 
You will be able, while only using one hand, to get information, launch programs, make calls and navigate your 

device in a simple and flexible manner. Enjoy your Windows Mobile phone! 

Software Features

New Tabbed Pages

The main tabs has a new and fresh design for the Windows Mobile interface, thumb optimization icons at the 
bottom for quick access, changing page with gesture, and animated transitions. 

Home: The Home Lifestyle layout helps you save time by bringing 

your favorite contacts, items, and services right to you. You can fully 
customize the layout in a user friendly manner using drag-and-drop, 
gestures, and kinetic scrolling. The Home Professional layout gives 

you quick and enjoyable way to check the status of the most 
important information. 

Launcher: The Launcher tab add a fast and convenient way to 

navigate through your device since it has been designed for one-
handed navigation and kinetic scrolling supported. The Launcher tab 

consists of two pages, smart launcher and SPB Menu. The smart 
launcher shows the frequently used shortcuts to display and allows 
you to manage your favorite items. SPB Menu contains all of your 

device programs, settings, and tools well-organized in categories. 

Contacts: The Contacts tab helps you to manage your contacts and 

calls using many useful features such as call history, photo speed 
dial, smart contact search, Facebook integration, drag-and-drop to 
edit your favorite layout, kinetic scrolling, easy assigning and 
cropping of contact picture, set a unique ringtone for each of your 

favorite contacts, and more. Widget-based contacts handling allows 
user to allocate his favorite contacts the best way. All your favorite 
contacts can also be represented with a finger-friendly 3d carousel.

Animated Transitions

The animated transitions give you excellent visual cues to help you understand where you are, where you have 
come from, where you are going, and to keep you oriented. This feature is fully implemented in the SPB Mobile 

Shell tabs.

Kinetic Scrolling

The scrolling the lists of SPB Mobile Shell with flicking gestures feel like moving a wheel and more natural than the 

conventional approach of scroll bars. This feature is fully implemented in all of SPB Mobile Shell tabs and lists.


Most of the program functionality is implemented by means of widgets. There are widgets for all purposes: 
widget-based photo contacts, Facebook, Twitter, media player, profiles, weather, world time, and wireless 

manager, etc.

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