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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 User Manual

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Integrated Tools

SPB Mobile Shell comes with integrated tools such as:

Color Based Themes: SPB Mobile Shell introduces the new concept 
of adaptive skins. SPB Mobile Shell will automatically change its skin 

when the main device color is changed. Color themes allow you to 
change a color of key user interface elements (including Today) 
without changing the Today theme.

Wireless Manager: The Wireless Manager offers a one-tap solution 
to handle your device wireless connections right from the Home 

Lifestyle or Launcher tab.

SPB Contacts: SPB Contacts search gives you a fast and convenient 

way to find a contact. Big buttons are optimized for finger taps, but 
can also be used with hardware keys. You can assign this screen to 
one of Today's soft keys, so you have instant access.

Device Lock: SPB Mobile Shell improves the usability to lock the
device. Now you can lock your device using a hardware key, soft key 

on the Today screen or a shortcut. You can also unlock the device 
using only soft keys. When your device is locked the Home Screen 
shows you the most important information. In most cases you don't 
even need to unlock the device.

3D Carousel

A 3d carousel with hardware accelerator support will quickly bring you to any 
of the most important screens. This is a live carousel which instantly shows 

the current state of each screen. The Gravity sensor in the 3D carousel is 
supported in SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 and higher.

3D Email and SMS Viewer

The 3D Email and SMS viewer gives you a fast and convenient way to read 
your messages.  

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