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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 User Manual

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After SPB Mobile Shell is installed on your phone it is ready to use. You can 
customize some settings and behavior(s). As a start, you may change the 
interface language. By default SPB Mobile Shell uses the language of your 

device. To change the language back to English (or just use another 
language) go to Settings SPB Mobile Shell System Language.

SPB Home

SPB Home is a Today plug-in user interface that gives you up-to-date 

information at a glance, such as time, weather, calendar, upcoming 
appointments, next alarm, and shows new SMS or MMS messages, missed 
calls, new emails, and new voicemail. It also has a fully customizable Lifestyle 
layout where you can add your own favorite widgets for one-tap access.
SPB Home has two components: Professional Home (disabled by default) and 
Lifestyle Home. Switching between them can be done using any of the 
following ways:

By flicking an upward or downward gesture.

From the Menu button 


From the Tabs button 

that shows you all of SPB Mobile Shell tabs

in the selected view style (carousel or tiles).

At the bottom of SPB Home, there is a toolbar that allows you to switch 

between SPB Mobile Shell components and access the Menu button to view 
the available options of the selected tab.

You can always get back to the Home screen by tapping

Menu button. 

To see SPB Home when your device wakes up after a long sleep, go to 
Settings > Today > Items, enable the Today timeout option and choose the 

desired timeout.

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