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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 User Manual

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Professional Home

In SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 the Professional Home functionality is implemented 

by means of widgets as in Lifestyle Home. There is a wide range of widgets to 
choose from for all purposes. Adding of up to 5 pages to the Professional 
Home is also supported. 
The Professional Home gives you a quick and easy way to check your device 

status. You can see your most important information with a quick glance, for 
the fastest and most direct way to use your device. For example, you can 
open your Inbox to read new emails with just a tap, or with a few key clicks. 
The Professional Home layout provides you by default with the following 


The weather forecast icon on the upper left for the selected city. 

Tap to open the weather details page where you can update 
forecast or access the weather options.

In the upper middle you have three icons for emailSMSVoice 

mail, and missed calls. For example, when you receive an email you 

will see the email icon highlighted with the number of new emails 
you have in your inbox. You can open your Inbox to read new emails
with just a tap, or with a few key presses.


If you have a voicemail account on your phone, SPB Mobile 

Shell will automatically detect it and enable the voicemail indicator functionality. It will replace 
the most inactive indicator of the three indicators (Missed calls, SMS, or Email).
Note: The voice mail may not work due to your service provider. Some providers notify only by 
SMS about unread voicemails.

With the speaker indicator on the upper right, you can adjust the 

following phone profiles on your device. Select Normal, Silent, or 
Vibrate from the profiles popup. You can also edit the normal 
profile. If you have SPB Phone Suite installed, you may use those 
profiles instead of the default ones by enabling the corresponding

option in SPB Mobile Shell settings. 

The digital clock in the middle displays your current time and date. 

Tap to open the time screen for more details.

Under the digital clock you will find the alarm notification bar when 

an alarm time is set and the corresponding option in SPB Mobile 
Shell settings is enabled. If you have SPB Time installed, SPB Mobile 
Shell will show the next alarm information from SPB Time instead of 

the system alarm clock. 

You will find the next appointment notification bars (if available) in 

the lower part of Professional Home. 

The calendar displays the days that correspond to the selected 

month and year settings. The selected date is your device’s current 
setting. You can see a full month, three weeks, two weeks, one 

week or disable the calendar from the corresponding option in SPB 
Mobile Shell options. Tap to open the Agenda page.

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